Lesmahagow Allotments is a Community Allotment Project set up by Lesmahagow Development Trust. It is located to the east of Lesmahagow, near Brocketsbrae on land leased from the Forestry Commission. The scope of the project is to offer Allotments to the residents of Lesmahagow and that remains our primary focus, however, we still have the option to offer plots to interested parties from further afield if there is insufficient interest locally. There are still plots available so we would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch and put your name down.

We are committed to ensure that problems encountered with allotment projects elsewhere are not repeated here. To this end, we have taken some guidance from the National Allotment Society and have put in place a robust Code of Conduct which will include, amongst other things, restrictions on buildings etc. which can be erected on a plot, guidelines for waste management, and the requirement for the plots to be well maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions – Allotment Project.

NOTE: This Information was accurate at the time of writing and does not take into account unforseeable factors such as planning conditions and site development issues etc.

Q. What is the relationship between LDT & FC?

A. The Forestry Commission identified in its local design plan potential areas of land for community orchard and allotments developments. LDT approached FC to begin discussions on this as a potential project development. LDT secured funds from Central Scotland Green Network for orchard development (now completed) and funds from Climate Challenge Fund for allotment development-the latter as you know are still in late stages of completion. The relationship is based on these two initiatives where many meetings have taken place on developmental issues particularly in relation to the allotment site and lease.

Q. Why does Lesmahagow need Allotments?

A. For many years since we began the LDT we have had many requests from villagers inquiring into land for allotment activity. We acted upon this community identified need and met with SLC to find out their intentions for allotment developments under the obligation on Council’s to provide such facilities. As SLC had no plans to provide allotments we started to look at options available in the local area. This yielded little success until the Forestry Commission produced their design plan and as we were still being asked for allotments from the community we pursued this and conducted several consultations and interest gauging questionnaires. This showed there was still a local demand for allotments and we invited interested individuals to a village meeting where we were convinced that we needed to act and secure this resource for community use.

Q. Who will the allotments be allocated to?

A. The Allotments are for residents & associations of Lesmahagow, however, should the take-up be less than anticipated, it will be opened up to the surrounding villages.

Q. How will the Allotments be managed day to day?

A. The day to day management will be the responsibility of the Allotment Committee. This Committee will be overseen by Lesmahagow Development Trust

Q. How will the standard of the site be maintained?

A. All Allotment holders will be required to sign up to a set of rules prior to being allocated an allotment. This will include controls over what structures can be erected on the allotment, how waste will be disposed of, responsibilities related to plot maintenance, etc. Failure to subsequently comply, can result in eviction.


Q. How are the Allotments Publicised?

A. All the information on the Allotment Project is available on the LDT Website. There have been information put in local newspapers, Updates are posted on Facebook and emails are sent to people who have registered their interest.

Q. The Site is in an area planted with trees, how many were removed to create the site?

A. No trees were removed to create the Allotments site, this area was unplanted and the Forestry Commission had no plans to plant it. Some saplings were moved from the area where the access road is to be laid but these were relocated.




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